Welcome to the Virtual Handyman, a place where all your virtual needs are met under one roof. I started my journey some years ago and picked up so many skills that I am left with no alternative but to be your happy go lucky Virtual Handyman. 

What do I offer you ask? Well just about anything and everything. Take a look below. 


Web Design

I am extremely adaptable and work with WordPress, Squarespace and am currently throwing myself into Shopify. I love to learn and I would be happy to take on any project. It's all about getting stuck in. 


I have my own VPS server with some of my clients on, this site is hosted on it too. I would be more than happy to accommodate any requests for me to manage or host your site. 

Logo Design

I offer a wide variety of logo design options in many different formats. I love this aspect of my work and have a real passion for it. My own logo is of course made be me but I also have designed the logo for This Milk and Send a Box. Please feel free to get in touch as I can offer very competitive prices.

Social Media

I love social media and I think it is the corner stone to any good business. If you don't have one set up or you want to take the stress out of it by letting me manage it for you thats great. I can also create social media content, banners, imagery etc. Get in touch and we can discuss prices and options.

Web Admin

I currently do web admin for a number of clients which involves anything from managing the site to uploading products and editing them in the style and brand of the company. Get in touch and let me see how I can help you.

App Design

I am currently learning how to build apps. If you have a request maybe we can collaborate. I can offer cheap rates whilst I learn. If that sounds like a plan then drop me a line.

General Admin

I cover a whole host of different admin tasks. All those nasty boring tasks that just slow your business down, don't worry because I love them. I used to work as the operations manager at Bitposter so I am well versed in all things admin. 

Lots More

I really do offer anything, as long as it's remote. Photos, as long as the products get sent to me, PA and VA work, general design work, you name I'll put my mind and muscle to it. Get in touch. 

Get in touch via email - info@virtual-handyman.com